In the Virtual Tabletop gaming space there’s two big players: Maptools and Fantasy Grounds 2. Maptools is an open source project put together by the folks at while Fantasy Grounds is a commercial product put together by Smiteworks LTD. Both are great ways to play a pen and paper RPG online, but neither is very newbie friendly to get up and running with.

But if you’re playing Pathfinder and own Hero Lab you can use a new 3rd party tool called TokenLab to get up and running with Maptools pretty quickly and effortlessly. It allows you to create PCs, NPCs, and even use Hero Lab’s bestiary and convert them into Maptool.

To show how easy it is to work with TokenLab and Maptools I’ve created a quick little demo on their use. This tutorial will cover exporting an encounter from Hero Lab, using TokenTool to create a POG(a picture you’ll drag around on the map), using TokenLab to put the two together and then how to run a quick encounter in Maptools.

The player will show in this paragraph

Maptools can be found at while TokenLab can be found at TokenLab Github Homepage.

If you want to download this video, right click and save the full version onto your desktop and watch it there.